Asbestos Survey in Twickenham (Middlesex)

Asbestos insulating board fire break above a false ceiling in first floor offices.

At offices due to be refurbished, a Management Level survey (done by other surveyors), never looked above the false ceiling and so they missed a badly damaged asbestos insulating board fire-break. The building firm about to do the renovations, correctly insisted on having a Refurbishment / Demolition Level done before work commenced, and during this further inspection, the asbestos insulating board was discovered. All of this asbestos was then removed in accordance with Regulations before the refurbishment was done.

Until a proper Refurbishment / Demolition Level asbestos survey is carried out (a legal requirement), it’s impossible to know what asbestos may or may not be hidden away somewhere, regardless of whether a Management Level survey has already been done. If this asbestos had only been discovered mid-project, all work would have had to stop and then costs and risks would have escalated ~ not least, as if asbestos was disturbed by building work, it’s likely to spread asbestos debris and dust around, so that a much greater area would then have to be environmentally cleaned as part of the remedial works.