Management surveys for asbestos

Management Surveys for Asbestos apply to the whole building.  Briefly, the surveyor inspects every wall, ceiling, floor, cupboard, cellar, basement, loft space and external elevations for both asbestos which is part of the building, and asbestos which may lie in the electrical systems.  The HSE document HSG 264 refers (Chapter 3).

When asbestos is suspected, it’s normally sampled (and the sample then tested in a laboratory), to establish if asbestos is present, and if so, which type.  HSG 248 refers.

The surveyor should also keep track of any damage to the material, whether there is any more of it elsewhere and should record all this on a reasonably accurate floor plan.

The surveyor then produces a report (the Asbestos Register), which sets out the results, lab tests, risk assessments, recommendations and a floor plan marked up with asbestos locations.  Samples found not to have asbestos detected must also be included (so that these items won’t be confused with asbestos precautions).