Reasons for Survey

As described in other pages on this website, there are six principal reasons for having an asbestos survey :It’s the law and the HSE can (and regularly do), fine offenders considerable sums.

1: For non-domestic buildings, not having it done can greatly affect your insurance coverage.

2: Your bank, building society or pension fund may require it.

3: Not having it done, can allow or spread asbestos contamination in your building (incurring costs, liabilities and possible health issues).

4: Not having a refurbishment / demolition survey done before buildings works commence, can cause huge cost and time over-runs when asbestos gets discovered in mid-project.

5: If your company is (or wishes to become), ISO compliant, then being up to date with asbestos survey issues, is commonly a pre-requisite to ‘Compliance’ being certified.

6: When Duty-holders do not have things surveyed / surveyed properly