Refurbishment level asbestos survey

Refurbishment / Demolition  Level asbestos surveys only apply to those parts of the building about to be refurbished or demolished (i.e. not necessarily all of it).

Areas where piping and wiring will be affected, also need to be surveyed.

This level of survey is a similar process to the Management Level survey, but here, the surveyor is required to ‘dig deep’ to investigate as far as practicable those materials hidden in the structure of the building (which may be disturbed or damaged during the works).

With the new ‘Construction, Design & Management Regulations 2015 (‘CDM’), all building works should now be done under the CDM ‘umbrella’,  and having theRefurbishment / Demolition  Level asbestos survey done, is a pre-requisite under CDM.

Asbestos paper which flaked off underlying wood fibre board.