Survey of domestic buildings

As your building is a domestic residence, with no building works / refurbishment in view, then the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 do not (currently) require the building to be surveyed.

However, if this domestic property is about to be bought/sold or transferred into a pension scheme, then the bank / building society / pension fund may very well require the building to be surveyed to the Management Level as a condition of their taking (part), ownership of the property.

A damaged asbestos cement ceiling in a domestic garage

It may be that soon after moving into your new house, you plan to have various refurbishments ~

But, until you’ve taken ownership of the house, vendors will normally not allow Refurbishment Level asbestos surveys on their property (because these often cause a certain amount of damage ~ as the surveyor penetrates through to the more hidden aspects of the building so as to discover if further asbestos is well concealed).

Regardless of what Management Level survey may have been done to satisfy the Building Society, once you’ve completed the purchase, a Refurbishment survey must be done before other works on the building commence.

An asbestos re-enforced  toilet cistern in a first floor Flat (brown asbestos)

The reason that you’ll need a Refurbishment survey done is because during the period of these works, your house is the place of work for the time being, of those workmen doing the job.

Because of this, your house (or flat), ceases to be a domestic residence (for the purposes of asbestos legislation), whilst the works are being done ~ and so the areas being refurbished or demolished have to be surveyed to the Refurbishment / Demolition Level and all discovered asbestos has to be removed prior to the rest of the works commencing.  Regulation 5 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 refers.

The artex at the bottom right, had no asbestos detected.
The artex at the top left was found to contain asbestos.
The only way to know, is to have it surveyed, sampled and analysed.